Traditional European Sport Activities (Erasmus+ SSCP Project)


Traditional European Sport Activities (Erasmus+ SSCP Project)

Ensemble Partout is partner in the Traditional European Sport Activities.

The goal of the project was to increase the interest of at least 500 youth to practice traditional games and sport by providing them with information about the rules and equipment required to practice five sports and games: Jeu de Paume (France), Archery (Estonia), Vybíjená (Czech Republic), Oină and Țurcă (Romania).

Ensemble Partout promoted Jeu de Paume during this project. Like tennis, “Jeu de Paume”, or also called game of palm or short palm, is a spectacular sport, which requires great physical qualities and strategy: speed, fineness, precision and use of the ground and the different possible rebounds on the walls and roofs of the courts. The main feature of this sport lies in its rules, defined back in 1592, which leave much room for strategy and tactical spirit. At each game, many options of playing are offered in order to defeat the opponent.

During the project we created a promotional video ( ) and a booklet (

To find out more about our project please visit the official website of the project:

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