Paragliding for all

Traditional European Sport Activities (Erasmus+ SSCP Project)

Paragliding for all

Our oragnisation took part in the Erasmus+ Small Collaborative Partnership in the Field of Sport project “Paragliding For All”. This project sprung from the need to increase the accessibility of people facing disability to tandem paragliding. In all the countries participating the level of inclusion of people facing disability to tandem paragliding is very low and there are many prejudices regarding to this.

The biggest pitfall in the approach of fostering inclusion is the general use of trikes for tandem paragliding with people facing disability. The trikes restrict greatly the available locations for conducting tandem flights and through this project we have demonstrated that safe tandem flights can be easily organized for people facing disability with regular harnesses in almost all suitable locations for paragliding. More info about this project can be found on:

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