Nonformal Sports

NonFormal Sports

Nonformal sports” is a project funded by the European Commission that consisted in a youth exchange mobility meant to promote sports such as hiking, archery, rock climbing in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle while fostering teamwork, intercultural learning and responsibility.

The project reunited three partners organisations from the three partner countries:

  • Ensemble Partout, France
  • Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Aeroclubul Turbulencia, Romania
  • Iniciatíva mladých, Slovakia

The youth exchange took place in Pocuvadlianske Jazero, Slovakia between 23.09-04.10.2018 and got together 49 young people and 11 group leaders from each partner organisation. The methodology used implied among team building activities, games and simulations also two days in which the participants divided in 3 equal groups explored the three sports hiking, archery and rock-climbing. After two days the group moves to the next category.

The project contributed to participants’ awareness on the benefits of nonformal context of learning through practicing the three sports, while developing their teamwork and intercultural learning competences. Also, the project helped the young people to increase their 8 key competences: communication in English, in mother tongue, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competences, learning to learn, cultural and social awareness.

Photo gallery

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Participants have shared the results of the project in their local communities.