Mitigation Youths

The Youth Exchange Mitigation Youths took place from February 4 to 15, 2019. It involved 54 young people from France, Romania and Slovakia. The main objective of our project was to bring these participants closer to the concept of mediation as a means of conflict resolution. We have actively involved them in activities related to the subject, through role-plays and real situations.

The project reunited 2 organisations from 2 programme countries:

  • France - Ensemble Partout
  • Romania - Turbulencia
  • Slovakia - Iniciativa mladych

Photo gallery

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1. WHO CAN BE A MEDIATOR? To become a mediator in France, Romania and Slovakia you need to graduate with a master degree which is at least 3 years. You need to have a good medical and mental health and a clear criminal record. You need to be older than 18. However, in Romania, they must have 3 years of work experience.
2. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT The mediator should finish an university, and after it to absolve a special course for mediation and have a master degree in this field. In Romania the course last 80 hours, in France 4 months, and in Slovakia 100 days. They need to repeat it every 2 years. The courses are organized by special trainers and are authorized by law. In France, for more specific sessions of mediation they need to have a law or psychology certificate.
3.HOW IS MEDIATION SUPPORTED BY THE STATE: In France and Romania, the national education can finance scholarships, to help students in universities or pupils. In Slovakia the state does not involve, so if the mediation is needed they should contact a private mediator. In these countries the concept of mediation is not well known, but awareness is slowly increasing.


The participants have disseminated the project's results in their schools, universities, among friends and colleagues.


We were in Slovakia for a few days and talking about mediation. There were participants from France, Slovakia and Romania. It was really cool because I made a good connection with all the participants and the French group is interested to do more other projects. We organized the Talent Night, during which the participants expressed themselves and were more open with the others. We learned many things like public speaking and many things about mediation that we didn't know: active listening. Personally, I was proud of my French group because even though there was a language barrier, they all managed to speak and improve their competences. We had such a great time!


Roughly a month ago, I had the opportunity to participate in an international Youth Exchange, hosted by the Association “Ensemble Parout” in Slovakia. The aim of the project was to empower us to use mediation as an innovative tool to solve conflicts and social problems in our society. As dissemination, my idea was to hold a 30 minutes workshop focusing on the use of mediation as the first form to solve a conflict. Thanks to Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Pau (south of France), it took part in the literary café Le Manhattan in city center of Pau. After introducing them “Erasmus+”, the objective of the workshop is to present the mediation process and show them how communication could be an effective tool of resolving conflicts in our communities and daily lives.