Find the Balance

Our "Find the Balance" training course was held between November 10th and 16th, 2018 in Lissac-sur-Couze, France, for 9 and 17 days of travel. The training concerned 31 youth leaders 7 different countries: France, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania. The main objective of the project was to encourage youth workers to learn methods to provide young people with secure learning in the context of physical, social and mental health.

The project reunited 7 organisations from 7 programme countries:

  • France - Ensemble Partout
  • Slovakia - Obciansky Spolok
  • Austria - BRKV
  • Hungary - Ifjusagi Nomad Klub
  • Czech Republic - Four Links
  • Lithuania - Keliauk, kad keistum
  • Romania - Young Europe Society

The Guide of Non-formal Methods to FIND THE BALANCE

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During our TC we took many photos. Here's a selection of the best ones!



The participants have disseminated the project's results in their schools, universities, among friends and colleagues. In order to highlight the main outcomes of the Training Course “Find the Balance” on which I had participated in France, I gave a presentation in Çanakkale, Turkey about the “Circle of Life” for Young people (30 persons) from around Europe in the range 18-32 years old. The objective of this presentation is to show how the Circle of Life works as a best practice lifestyle coaching method. I explained to the participants the six phases of the Circle of Life aiming to maximize accountability and support continuous improvement for work life balance, stress management, better health, and peace of mind. The six phases are: 1- Assessment and Self-Inquiry, 2- Readiness for Change, 3- Design Change with Intentions, Goals, Challenges, Affirmations, Actions and Accountability, 4- Plan Actions, 5- Take Action and Access Resources and 6- Re-evaluation, Course Correction and Accountability. I share with you some memorable and enjoyable moments to assure the visibility and dissemination of the project. -Tarik Bouhal, youth worker